Beyond Toilet Installation: We Also Offer Professional Sewer Services

Nothing should go in your sewer but the water that runs through it, right? This is why you should be extra careful when it comes to cleaning your sewer or replacing your sewer lines. While it’s not something that should concern you in your early years of living in your home, it should start to concern you as the neighborhood children are playing in the yard and the smell of raw sewage is coming from your sewer. This is why, when this happens, you should consider calling a sewer service provider like M and J Plumbing Service of Rogers. We are known for our dependable toilet installation services in Rogers, AR, but we can also effectively clean your sewer and repair any damage to it.

Why Clean Your Sewer?

If you don’t clean your sewer, it can cause big problems. The longer you wait, the messier it will get. Sewage backups can happen without an obvious reason, causing raw sewage to overflow into your property. The more this happens, the more your property will be at risk for harmful bacteria. Because of this, you can get sick and you or any of your family members can get injured if you accidentally inhale the raw sewage.

We Clean Sewers!

Our sewer cleaning service makes use of effective tools and techniques so that we can completely clean your sewer lines. We’ll clear the area of any furniture or appliances so we have a clear pathway. We’ll get down on our hands and knees if there are large clogs, or if the sewer is submerged in liquid. We’ll remove these clogs and make sure that we don’t cause any kind of damage to the pipes themselves. We can unclog your sewer using specific equipment. We’re trained to repair any damage to the sewer as well. So, to get the sewer cleaning service you need, you can count on us.

Call (479) 275-0535 and Reach the Reputable Toilet Installation in Rogers, AR!

M and J Plumbing Service of Rogers is the sewer services provider you can count on to clean your sewer. Is the sewer in your home in Rogers, AR clogged? Give us a call today! You can also dial (479) 275-0535 if you want to use our toilet installation service and other reliable solutions.

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