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Based in Rogers, AR, we are the company that can provide you with a variety of services, including:

Plumbing Repair

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the severity of plumbing issues until there is an emergency. While some plumbing problems may seem minor, they could be serious emergencies in the making. Routine repairs from M and J Plumbing Service of Rogers are affordable, and they will save you from paying for emergency plumbing in the future. Instead of waiting until a clogged drain triggers major water damage or a leaking pipe becomes a costly headache, look for a plumbing repair expert near you. Call us now! We operate in the greater Rogers, AR area.


Plumbing repair

Leak Detection

A leaky faucet or toilet is obvious to identify and quite easy to repair. But not all water leaks are as straightforward. Leaks coming from buried pipes or pipes hidden inside walls present great challenges. Do not dig up your yard or take a sledgehammer to your bathroom walls just yet! Turn to our qualified technicians! They have the necessary equipment and knowledge to solve your issues in a timely and efficient manner.

Water Heater Installation and Maintenance

High energy bills? Cold showers? A new water heater may be necessary. But to reap the benefits of a new energy-efficient appliance, you will need to have it installed properly. If a water heater isn’t installed correctly, it can result in water damage, scalding temperatures, or even a fire. The installation is best left to professional plumbers who know the ins and outs of your plumbing system. Turn to us and get reliable service in a professional and timely manner!

Drain Cleaning

If your drains are running slow or clogged up, you know who to call. At M and J Plumbing Service of Rogers, we have the latest equipment and technology to provide effective sewer and drain cleaning services that will restore your plumbing system and bring comfort back to your home.

Sewer Services

Damaged sewer pipes can lead to more than just a costly repair Рthey can play a role in extensive property damage and lead to serious health risks. When a sewer line fails it can cause so much destruction, and if it cannot be repaired, a sewer line replacement is the only other option. Luckily, we are your local source for quality sewer repair and replacement at any time.

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